Biopic films may not have as many fans as superhero or sci-fi films, but we can learn a lot from history from biopics. We can learn many life lessons from great people whose stories are made into films. Maybe they are people who are more than worthy of being our role models.

– Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
This is one of the most phenomenal biopic films due to high income and being a box office in various parts of the world including Indonesia. Even those unfamiliar with the band Queen were able to enjoy the film well. Apart from the Queen’s own lunge which was interesting, the main character, Rami Malek, was able to represent Freddie Mercury perfectly. Narcissistic and flamboyant Freddie performed very well. Similarly, until Freddie recognizes his sexual orientation. The film, which lasts 2 hours 13 minutes, doesn’t seem long because of Rami’s acting. In his latest film project, Rami became the antagonist in James Bond.

Another thing that is a plus point for Bohemian Rhapsody is a detailed description of Queen’s former glory days. Aside from Rami who uses prosthetic makeup, the stage set when she sings really looks like an actual event. Freddie’s personality itself is unique by its nature so that the character becomes its own entertainment. Although he died at a young age, this film was not portrayed in a sad way, and you can confirm that it’s true when you watch this movie on

– La Vie en Rose (2007)
One more biopic film with a picture that feels real is La Vie en Rose. This film depicts Edith Piaf’s life journey that is full of tragedy. He was dumped by his mother and was raised by a prostitute. As a result of illness, his youth was passed through the blind and deaf condition. He was then taken back by his father who made use of his singing abilities. Edith’s beautiful voice has changed her life. In a short time, Edith gained fame.

Marion Cotillard is considered successful in playing an Edith. Many fans think he is very similar to Edith. Edith himself is a French singer. But alcohol and morphine addiction make his life short. Edith left when he was 47 years old.

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