A film that tells about the entry of characters into video games is indeed very unique. One of them is the best-selling movie Jumanji in the market. After the screening of the films Jumanji (1995) and Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle (2017), in 2019 Jumanji’s latest film, titled “Jumanji: The Next Level”, is now can be watched on 123 movies. It’s aired before the turn of the year, the film Jumanji: The Next Level can be an alternative to fill your vacation with family.

Wearing the slick CGI (Computer Generated Image) effect, the film, starring Dwayne Johnson, becomes an even tenser film. However, there are also some funny scenes too.

Now, rather than linger, let’s review the movie Jumanji: The Next Level!

It’s a tense game!

Not a tropical forest, this time the movie Jumanji: The Next Level plays with the background of the desert to the snowy mountains. Such a place would have become a nightmare for the characters right?

Yups, it is true that the selection of the setting of this place is one that makes the audience guess what kind of adventure that will be experienced by the cast. The flow is not too fast, so it can make the audience really enjoy the adventures of the characters in the world of Jumanji.

The funny dialogue is able to shake the stomach

The existence of new players who joined the game, namely Danny Glover as Milo and Danny Devito as Eddie, making this film has quite a lot of humor scenes. Who would have thought that the dialogue of their characters contains a lot of humor? That’s why not a few viewers laughed at the scene of the two of them.

In fact, you are made curious about the characters that will play the game when entering the video game. Of course, you won’t be able to guess it!

Changeable characters in the game that are unpredictable

Not only Eddie and Milo, the Spencer, Moose, and Bethany characters are different from the previous Jumanji you know. With the exception of the character Martha, this change in character in the video game makes Jumanji’s story: The Next Level even more interesting.

Adventure with wild animals

Of course, you hope that the movie Jumanji: The Next Level will feature a player’s battle with many wild animals that live in the Jumanji world. Well, if it’s about that, you don’t need to worry. The film directed by Jake Kasdan will feature tons of giant animals that can create a tense atmosphere while watching it.

Moreover, coupled with cool 3D visual effects, making the battle scenes of the cast against wild animals become more riveting. Anyway, it’s better than the previous movie.